Due to the hot weather in summer, sunshine dazzling, the vast majority of people like to wear sunglasses, sunscreen and stylish.All sorts of color and the style of sunglasses on the market full of beautiful things in eyes, how to choose a pair of suitable sunglasses?
“Buy sunglasses should first regular store had to purchase, pay attention to whether have uv protection sign, uv protection is the primary function of sunglasses. If wearing not inferior sunglasses block uv rays, prone to eye fatigue, and even affect the eye health.”Sanmenxia Yellow River hospital ophthalmologist zhong-li li said that the sunglasses lenses, different colors have different role.Tan is the lens uv protection effect is good, and downy and tonal it is not easy to let an eye fatigue.Grey lens pervious to light effect best, clear to see the most real.Lens distortion of color choice should be the color of the surrounding environment, clear the edges of the objects and can effectively identify the different color lights for the principle.The research has found that the blue light will hurt people’s eyes, and blue lenses are not able to filter out the sun’s blue light, so, had better not choose when choosing sunglasses blue lens.

Streets sunglasses stall in children’s sunglasses are varied, so children can wear sunglasses?Zhong-li li, said that children’s eyes are in a development stage, especially in children aged 2 ~ 3, in phase sensitive sense of vision development, if often wear sunglasses, especially the inferior sunglasses, easy to form amblyopia, strabismus, therefore, not recommended for children wear sunglasses.Accurate method is to go out, when light intensity intense for children to wear the shade wide-brimmed hat with better effect.Dioptre myopia choose sunglasses need to consider the glasses.Can choose in myopia glasses with a layer of sunglasses lenses, the advantage is simple, the disadvantage is that the lens is heavier, easy to shift or fall off during strenuous exercise;A pair of myopic degree sunglasses, benefit is smaller and lighter, beautiful, easy fixed, the disadvantage is that the glasses good quality general price is more expensive.Drivers should select polarized sunglasses, not only can prevent ultraviolet ray, can also will reduce the reflected light to the low.

Need special attention is, glaucoma patients to wear sunglasses, time grew, easy to induce acute angle-closure glaucoma, envy, sore eyes, eyesight drops sharply and other symptoms.

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