Eye care is a long-term process. Parents’ attention to the child’s eyes should not only in the period of primary and secondary school, children’s eyes should be protected before school.(buy sunglass case from jujin) Because childhood is a sensitive period of visual development, once the eye disease occurs during this period, it may cause serious consequences for the children, and even the lifelong visual disability. Today, we talk about eye care for preschool children.

It is the critical period of visual development before 3 years old

There are two important periods for visual development in infants and young children. It is sensitive period before 8 years old, it is key period before 3 years old. In the sensitive stage, the visual environment is sensitive to the visual system, and the visual system is sensitive to abnormal stimuli.. Poor visual environment can easily lead to children’s visual problems.

Common problems in children’s eyes

Preschool children common eye problems: strabismus, amblyopia, ocular trauma and ametropia.

Strabismus:  the eyes can’t also look at the same target LOS (line of sight) in a state of separation, of which one eye fixations to target and the other eye bias the target side.

Parents found the child strabismus, should take the children to the hospital in time.(buy sunglass case from jujin)The doctor will see if need proceed eyes operation immediately, or proceed eyes correction at first. Some parents think that the child is too small to surgery, and strabismus can slowly alleviate as growing. This point of view is wrong, Because once critical period of  the child’s visual development is missed, the child’s binocular vision function is affected. If the surgery is brought up, although the appearance has improved, but the loss of three-dimensional visual function, will also affect the future employment.

There is a process of visual development for children

Baby of 1 months can feel the light

Baby of 2-3 months to see their parents contour,The visual will have a  big development when baby more than 2 months , till more than 3 months baby can distinguish between color and color. Baby has a partial preference for color, like to see bright bright colors, especially red, do not like to see the bleak color.

4-5 months can look at their little hands

6-8 months can chase and see the big toy

9-12 months to see the hands of the small toy clearly

1 years old should have 0.2-0.25 vision

2 years old should have 0.5 eyesight

Kindergarten class vision can reach 0.7

Shift visual acuity reached 0.8, most of them can reach 1 at the age of 5

How to find the child amblyopia early?

First, according to the requirements, go to child health hospital for basic screening. Secondly, in the daily life, you can take turns to cover one of  the child’s eyes while play game with them. When the eye is covered, (buy sunglass case from jujin)children perform out of irritability, push parents hand or crying, and indicates that the child’s non covered eye has a problem, should  take their children for treatment. In addition, parents should teach the child to identify the visual acuity chart, convenient for the doctor according to the child’s vision to judge the visual development of the situation. In the treatment, parents should be according to the doctor’s request to cover, do not think that the vision reached 1 is the completion of the treatment, should be regularly reviewed to prevent recurrence

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