JUJIN had developed over 100 different models of sunglass case for different size frames. Kors Michael 2016 spring and summer series, in the eternal classic charm and modern avant-garde style, to achieve a perfect balance. The latest sunglasses and optical glasses is not by Lenovo to such a scene: in a sunny afternoon, together with a friend of bath in Beverly Hills, as the sun so cozy and comfortable. New series of each section is the perfect combination of exquisite craftsmanship and bespoke design material, decorated with a unique brand of decorative details, such as gorgeous bright Michael kors label or charming embossed pendant. Assertive style for this series gives a refined and elegant, with leisurely mood.


MK 2019 sexy and feminine strong lines, bold and exquisite style, let this Sunglasses exudes an unmatched beauty. Circular plate frame collocation metal mirror legs, decorated with polished metal classic logo signs. Optional hawksbill red frame and rose gold mirror legs, paired with brown gradient lenses; or dark brown cat eye frames and golden mirror legs accompanied by deep gray lenses. If you need a personalized eyeglass case, visit www.jujinpacking.com.


MK 4029 this is a kind of elegant and retro style of the optical mirror, showing the eternal beauty of the years. On the glasses legs and the classic logo signs as the finishing touch to a pen, which is the brand of the eternal charm logo, fully embodies the aesthetic idea of design of the Michael kors. This pair of glasses optional Tokyo tortoiseshell frames and golden mirror legs, black marble with silver metal frame glasses legs. Elegant glasses need a elegant glasses case to match.


MK 5017 this sunglasses frame lines to smooth seamless way extended to the glasses legs, slender circular metal frame and unique foot set design, light such as feathers so avant-garde modern. Such a perfect balance of the design of the city’s elegant style and fashion attitude, blooming out of the spark of inspiration. Optional gold frame with gold mirror lens, rose gold frame with rose gold mirror lens. Find a lightweight and fashional eva sunglass case in jujinpacking.com


MK 6035 this plate material Sunglasses with classical square outline, with unique gradient material to create from color to transparent subtle excessive, their Michael kors sexy style variety image. From the dynamic full to glamorous, a glasses to meet your desire to change the image of the moment. Optional blue gray and green grey gradient, with grey gradient lenses.


MK 6039 the Cat Eye Sunglasses filled with timeless elegance, style elements more luxurious. Shiny plastic frame, mirror legs to relief pendant their infinite charm, the metal texture and style of custom laminates formed smartly contrasts. Available in black / white framed silver mirror legs and gradient gray lenses, or deep sea turtle / light purple with silver mirror legs and gradient Brown lenses.

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