A sign: squinting

When the distant target can not see, children often take squinting to make up for, because when the eyelid occlusion of pupil squinting can reduce the dispersion, light, reducing the effect of astigmatism, thus temporarily improve visual acuity.

Sign two: Rouyan

See the target, commonly used hand rubbing eyes, in an attempt to better see clearly.

Sign three: blink

Frequent blinking in a certain program can relieve myopia, increase clarity. Many people in tears, to see things more clearly.

Sign four: Minow

Often watch TV is also due to the tilt, tilt, can reduce the interference and influence of partial diffusion of light, and even some children will develop the habit of minow.

Sign five: error

The distance is not clear, see acquaintances do not say hello. The exam will copy the error, the dark action can be something tripped or bruised, and the performance of poor academic performance, often have to borrow notes to copy etc..

Six: to sign

Often watch TV in the near to get as close as possible to the TV, read a book, write. Lie very close, very low.

Sign seven: pull the eye

A small number of children in Qingyuan do not target, commonly used hand in the outer corner of the eye, eye skin will be forced outward pull pull, reach the same effect as squinting minow.

Sign eight: strabism

Some children myopia associated with exotropia, look ahead one eye, the other eye to the outside. So, that oblique eyes must also check the vision.

Sign nine: complain

Because the vision is not stable, some children complain that the classroom is too dark, or because of the reflection of light is not clear, there are many children that night vision etc..

Sign ten: frown

Frowned, trying to make eyes are “forced”, in order to improve eyesight. But in fact do so because of the extraocular muscles oppression in the eye, but the development speed of myopia to speed up.

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