There are many stylish sunglass case in The travelers who like outdoor sports all know, in outdoor sports, wearing polarized sunglasses is better than normal sunglasses. Because polarized sunglasses not matter anti ultraviolet rays and reduce the role of light intensity, but also can effectively block and filter out all kinds of harmful to the.. read more →

JUJIN PACKING supply variety of high quality sunglass case.Children like to watch tv. Many children on TV after school, but not the correct way of watching TV is the main reason for many children’s myopia. Children how to watch TV is not easy to myopia it? 1 the height of the TV set Some families.. read more →

In the eyes of many older people, wearing sunglasses in the summer is a matter of catching up with fashion. fashion sunglass case is also important. But in fact, the summer sun for the elderly is equally important, can effectively prevent the occurrence of certain eye diseases. Excessive ultraviolet radiation in the summer, can cause.. read more →

Today is the six one children’s day, the weather is good, the children all hope that parents can take them out to play. Although the temperature is not hot, UV protection is essential. In addition to the sun, the baby’s tender eyes are also the focus of sunscreen. Kids sunglass case is very important for.. read more →

For glasses shop, store layout is not only the door decoration, more important is the product display which is the best performance of the details of the operation. Compared with a lot of optical shops,apart from the decoration and store design, (buy glasses case from jujin)you will find ordinary middle and small glasses shop and.. read more →

Eye care is a long-term process. Parents’ attention to the child’s eyes should not only in the period of primary and secondary school, children’s eyes should be protected before school.(buy sunglass case from jujin) Because childhood is a sensitive period of visual development, once the eye disease occurs during this period, it may cause serious.. read more →

I believe before myopia operation, a lot of friends will be asked by hospital staff  whether wear contact lenses?How long? Then they will suggest friends who wearing contact lens to stop wearing and put it in glasses case a certain time before go to a doctor. Why need to stop wearing contact lenses before myopia.. read more →

There are more and more people who wear glasses now. Glasses need a glasses case to protect.  Without glasses case, Glasses will inevitably fall on the dust, Ate this time the majority of people will breathe on glassed and take out glasses cloth or their clothes to wipe the lens. In fact, these methods are.. read more →

Walking in the street more and more students and worker wearing glasses with glasses case, although some people to wear contact lenses, it can be considered a glasses, but the phenomenon of a lot of mistakes of wearing glasses we will encounter. For example, some people not in accordance with the method specified by the.. read more →

British “Daily Mail” April 24, reports, scientists worry that teenagers in indoor time too long will damage eyesight, increase the risk of myopia. buy best glasses case from jujin website. The myopia of children increased not only with long time staring at the computer screen, more contact with the natural light is too little about… read more →