Many old people in the reading glasses are stock items. The expert reminds, many older persons have glasses errors, the children should regularly for parents to check the visual acuity, timely replacement of presbyopic glasses and glasses case.

Generally speaking, young people with normal vision, age reach the age of 40 will be about 100 degrees of presbyopia, then every 5 years old degree will deepen 50 degrees, until after the age of 60, will reach 300 degrees Celsius degree of presbyopia. Therefore, with the deepening of the degree of presbyopia, before the age of 60 in the elderly, wearing a pair of reading glasses up to 5 years. Children should be replaced timely remind parents reading glasses and readng glasses case.

Easy, convenient, cheap, is a lot of elderly people at the roadside stalls to buy love for presbyopic glasses. However, roadside stalls in addition to the quality of lens, presbyopic glasses frame can not be guaranteed, “the eyes of same degree” is the biggest drawback, which is not suitable for all people who wear glasses packed in glasses case. Because, some elderly eyes are not the same degree of presbyopia, and part of the people, in addition to reading, may also have vision problems, myopia, astigmatism diopter. Therefore, just buy a pair of reading glasses, not only can not guarantee the vision to achieve the best effect, there will be visual fatigue and other phenomena.

At present, there are still a couple sharing a pair of reading glasses packed by optical case, this approach is not science. Husband and wife aging degree is an important reason. In addition, two people could be the interpupillary distance, astigmatism degree is different. If the use of PD inappropriate presbyopic glasses, will have a “prism effect” to look at things, prone to dizziness. Therefore, starting from the angle of protecting eyesight, in older couples choose a best side of their own presbyopic glasses.

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