JUJIN PACKING supply variety of high quality sunglass case.Children like to watch tv. Many children on TV after school, but not the correct way of watching TV is the main reason for many children’s myopia. Children how to watch TV is not easy to myopia it?

watch tv

1 the height of the TV set

Some families for fear of children with TV, put it very high. This is not good. After watching TV for some time, will feel particularly tired neck. The appropriate height is generally considered the center of the screen and the viewer’s eye level is almost on the line or slightly lower. At the same time, but also take care not to put the television on inclined. Otherwise, Waitoushan inclined to see only the image is not clear, and easy cause eye fatigue, even cause strabismus.

2 Distance to TV

When watching TV, people’s eyes not only to be stimulated by the brightness of the light, but also because of the constant flicker of the image, the eye is easy to fatigue. People’s position away from the TV closer to the more exciting, it is more likely to cause eye fatigue. Special for children with hyperopia, because the distance is too close, regulation of eye and the convergence effect of significantly enhanced, soon there will be visual fatigue. The best distance from the TV set is 4 to 6 times the diagonal of the screen.

3 brightness of TV

If the brightness and contrast of the TV is very strong or the room was very dark, dark contrast is very large, it is easy to cause eye fatigue. So watch TV in the evening the best in room retains a low power light and the weak light environment, TV brightness and contrast should be appropriate, not too strong, so that the level of rich, the best effect, look at no cost to the eye.

4 time to watch TV

Watching TV is best not to gaze hours without rest, can in the replacement program with eyes closed rest, or the line of sight to temporarily move elsewhere, so that the eyes can be adjusted.

Warm reminder: as parents to try to help children develop rich hobbies, watch less TV, especially in the spring to more children to outdoor sports, so not only beneficial to their health, for their visual health and mental health.

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