Vision care is for life, in all phases of life need paid enough attention, especially in teenagers and the elderly vision changes faster, to refrain from until there is a significant change in visual acuity to pay attention to. General each year to the hospital for examination 1 times, according to refractive changes, lens replacement. If the degree of change, regardless of what lenses and sunglass case need to change.

e cannot consider glasses convenient, low price and other factors, accurate optometry is allocated to the premise of good glasses. Ordinary glasses shop alone computer optometry and eyesight table detection to diagnose, if only mild and moderate myopia may match to the right glasses. But for some patients with high myopia or astigmatism, probably because of inconsistent with the eyes, wearing glasses and sunglass case habits caused degree is not accurate and visual fatigue, dizziness and other symptoms, and myopia. Professional medical optometry, the doctor will first understanding person to wear a mirror habits, reduces discomfort brought about by the new glasses; then by retinoscopy optometry and computer optometry, understand diopter approximate values, and data as a basis, through a phoropter adjustment of patients with IPD and vertex degree, to make the corresponding adjustment, including relax regulation, the determination of the degree of myopia or hyperopia, red green test fine-tuning, to determine the axis of astigmatism and degree, binocular balance and other steps.

At the same time, the glasses also want to serve good “. Usually protect the lens, do not wear, be careful, don’t put in a place with a sharp object. Wearing removable hands, anti deformation of frame. Scrub the lenses regularly with detergent. Wear contact lenses should pay attention to hygiene, wear the hands before the scissors, cut nails. Eye infections, eye injury, dry eye, lens damage when wearing contact lenses and sunglass case. Best choose good quality lens, regular maintenance, cleaning disinfection, to avoid impurities caused by the eye infection or injury. Once the eye discomfort, immediately stop to wear, timely medical department of Ophthalmology.

In addition, the lens has a service period, the market popular resin lenses, every 2 to 3 years to replace one advisable. As optical products, the lens once the scratch, will affect the optical correction performance. In addition to the regular optometry, should be every six months to check the status of the original vision glasses case shop once, and lens care. Because each person’s refractive state is different, eye adjustment is different, so the appropriate glasses must be carried out individually, must have professional technical support, to achieve good vision correction. Suggested that consumers should go to regular professional optometry glasses shop.

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