Eva sunglass case is better than metal sunglass case? Because of not clear thing, learning is not good, walk old wrestling, they are often ridiculed by the other children. They have no friends, even family, teachers do not understand them. For a long time, it has grown in the shadow of ridicule, so that they formed a serious autism, seriously affected their mental health, learning and life.

Amblyopia in both eyes and sunglass case, unable to form a stereoscopic vision, due to the brain can only get the unilateral eye health input visual signals, the brain can not form the stereo, will result in no three-dimensional sense of imagination.

First is careful. Parents usually have to pay attention to observe the child’s eyes, found that kids who watch things always squinting, frowning, head tilt, watching TV more and more close, eyes can not see the same direction, need to immediately take their children to the regular hospital please examined by an ophthalmologist.

Secondly, perseverance. In the visual development of the child is not yet fully mature, the disease will be repeated amblyopia. Therefore, parents should have the perseverance regularly with children to the hospital with the diagnosis. At the end of the treatment period, once a 6 month months to visit the hospital, one every three months to half a year later, at least to 3 years.

Finally patience. Currently used to treat amblyopia methods vary from person to person, the general use of comprehensive therapy, include the cause of disease treatment, glasses correction of refractive errors, visual stimulation and so on are common amblyopia treatment method and clinical application the most extensive and amblyopia in children and sunglass case the most economical and effective method of treatment is one eye occlusion therapy, parents need to have the patience to help children completed the treatment.

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