Today is the six one children’s day, the weather is good, the children all hope that parents can take them out to play. Although the temperature is not hot, UV protection is essential. In addition to the sun, the baby’s tender eyes are also the focus of sunscreen. Kids sunglass case is very important for kids sunglass protection

River, the beach and other field of the UV index is high amazing! Before the trip, be sure to verify the tourist destination of UV, in online verification or simple UV test instrument can be resolved, so that you can for the protection of children’s delicate eyes.

Why the eye’s sunburn happen?

Experts, the eyes is the most direct ultraviolet part of the site, and long-term exposure to ultraviolet radiation, will lead to the eyes premature aging and other eye diseases. To protect your frame better, buy a sunglass case is very important. Different ocular tissue structure to be able to absorb different wavelengths of ultraviolet light, will cause a lot of acute and chronic eye diseases and injuries, such as corneal pterygium, solar keratitis and age-related macular degeneration.

According to the United States, health day website recently reported that the eye often exposed to the intensity of the sun, the risk of cataracts will increase by 10%.

Experts also pointed out that many people think that narrowed eyes eye protection, actually narrowed eyes for a short period of time may cause temporary eyes shadow, long time squinting in addition to reduce eye pain, tears, photophobia, redness and swelling and blurred vision, light is more likely to injury to the retina.

As a result, experts suggest that in the present sunshine intense hot weather, the best preparation of a qualified sunglasses, in case of eye sunburn.

kids sunglass

The World Health Organization has issued a sunscreen for sunburn.:

1, shade, sunglasses, clothes and hats to provide the best protection. Sunscreen applied to the part of the body’s continuous exposure, such as the face and hand, is necessary.. Never apply sunscreen to the extension of the sun’s time.

2, limit the time when noon is exposed to the sun. Between 10 am to 4 pm, the sun’s ultraviolet radiation strongest. This time when exposed to the sun, should be extra careful.

3, pay attention to UV index. This important source of information will help you arrange outdoor activities and take precautions against the sun’s ultraviolet rays.. When the ultraviolet index is moderate (such as UV index of 3) or higher, you need to take the sun protection measures.(various models of sunglass case)

4, reasonable use of shade. When the ultraviolet strongest, should look for shade. But remember, shade tree, umbrella or canopy cannot afford to completely sunscreen effect.

5, wearing protective clothes. Broadbrim can provide good sun protection for your eyes, ears, face and neck. The protection of the sun from 100% to 99% of the sun’s ultraviolet A and ultraviolet B will greatly reduce the damage caused by exposure to the sun. When the body as many as possible by the woven loose clothing when covered, can bring more sunscreen protection.

6, using sunscreen. A large number of sunscreen using a broad-spectrum sunscreen 30+, and do every two hours to wipe one, or outdoor work, swimming, playing and activities after use.

7, protection of children. Children are generally more susceptible to environmental damage than adults. When outdoor activities, should be mentioned above, to protect them from UV exposure.

8, the baby should always stay in the shade

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