Find stylish sunglass case in MYKITA Has been committed to the use of materials, technology to express the design of the German handmade glasses brand MYKITA will be humorous and excellent quality of humor in the end. This summer, MYKITA and avant-garde fashion designer Bernhard willhelm continue to cooperate launched tribute to 1970s psychedelic.. read more →

In the eyes of many older people, wearing sunglasses in the summer is a matter of catching up with fashion. fashion sunglass case is also important. But in fact, the summer sun for the elderly is equally important, can effectively prevent the occurrence of certain eye diseases. Excessive ultraviolet radiation in the summer, can cause.. read more →

Diamond cutting edge glasses and glasses case as a new category, because the changeable style, fashion appearance in recent years the market touches the consumer desire to buy, diamond cutting edge glasses company also springing up quickly to seize the market and compete for the diamond cutting edge of this big cake. But consumers in.. read more →

For glasses shop, store layout is not only the door decoration, more important is the product display which is the best performance of the details of the operation. Compared with a lot of optical shops,apart from the decoration and store design, (buy glasses case from jujin)you will find ordinary middle and small glasses shop and.. read more →

Eye care is a long-term process. Parents’ attention to the child’s eyes should not only in the period of primary and secondary school, children’s eyes should be protected before school.(buy sunglass case from jujin) Because childhood is a sensitive period of visual development, once the eye disease occurs during this period, it may cause serious.. read more →

When summer is coming, we will see the fashional men and women wearing sunglasses. Fashion decoration is on the one hand, the protection of the eye is more important. UV is strong in outdoor, to protect the eye is not damaged by UV damage, sunglasses are necessary(jujin good quality sunglass case).  There are many types,.. read more →

With the hot weather hits, these days on the road collision accidents is rising. Professionals to remind, hot and rainy in summer and long time open air conditioning, wearing dark sunglasses, etc, have become the multiple accident potential factors. In this connection, the person specially in summer traffic safety, gives a safety tips. Yesterday morning,.. read more →

In order to prevent the glare of the sun in summer, the sun sunglasses you go out weapons necessary, but for those who want to eye myopia, visual clarity and shading two concurrently, really trouble. Then, as with a myopia, go out in the outside, how can use sunglasses in sunglass case to protect their.. read more →

In life, there are some people think that “presbyopia and farsightedness is one thing.”This is because both near vision is not clear, the sunglass case symptoms of convex lens slices are used to correct.Thus people confuse the two.Love, chongqing nanping hospital of ophthalmology optometry center director Yang, director of the peace, said in fact the.. read more →

The weather gradually hot, outdoor uv strong, protect your eyes from harmful ultraviolet (uv) is the most direct and most effective way is to wear sunglasses.Now on the market the types of sun glasses, style, color is more, often let a person see more eyes Dazzling, many friends (especially women) are often attracted to all.. read more →