There are more and more people who wear glasses now. Glasses need a glasses case to protect.  Without glasses case, Glasses will inevitably fall on the dust, Ate this time the majority of people will breathe on glassed and take out glasses cloth or their clothes to wipe the lens. In fact, these methods are wrong!

Glasses cloth originally is not used to wipe the glasses,wiping glasses by glasses cloth long time, will lead to lens wear and tear ; glasses cloth function is used for wrapping the lens, and separated with the glasses case.

So how to clean your glasses in correct method

1 first put the hand soap liquid on the lens

2 smear evenly

3 clean with clean water

4 wipe with clean soft paper

5 complete

In fact, glasses cloth mostly as gifts presented to consumers, so the cost is very low. Larger is the fiber gap  larger, more dust inside the gap as time goes on, so wiping glasses with glasses cloth and glasses case pouch would be counterproductive, more shining more fuzzy.

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