Walking in the street more and more students and worker wearing glasses with glasses case, although some people to wear contact lenses, it can be considered a glasses, but the phenomenon of a lot of mistakes of wearing glasses we will encounter. For example, some people not in accordance with the method specified by the optometry just wear glasses, so to the degree of their eyes without the harmful effects and, can only increase, not reduce, and some workers has been used with a pair of glasses, this is the wrong approach to replace regular glasses, because with the change of age, people’s interpupillary distance will change, if not always replace glasses, is also detrimental to vision of glasses case.

What are the attention tips to wearing glasses?

1 lens material should be light and slim.  light transmittance and refractive index should be high, at the same time to wear, is not easy to break.

2  if need to wear glasses for a long time, you can choose the security lens.

3. A high degree of astigmatism glasses, in order to achieve precise shaft, it is best not to choose the circular frame, use square frame is more appropriate.

4 presbyopic glasses with light transmittance glass should be high as appropriate.

5 parallax more than 250 or 600 degrees above the high myopia, should take the small round glasses.

6 at any time to keep the lens clean, wipe with a cloth glasses lens best.

7 separte the glasses used for look at the distance and look at the distance.

8. Choose good quality glasses case to protect the glasses

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