There are many stylish sunglass case in The travelers who like outdoor sports all know, in outdoor sports, wearing polarized sunglasses is better than normal sunglasses. Because polarized sunglasses not matter anti ultraviolet rays and reduce the role of light intensity, but also can effectively block and filter out all kinds of harmful to the eyes. So how to distinguish between sunglasses and polarized sunglasses, a few days ago, a net post said with a mobile phone can be done.

Polarized Lens Sunglasses

It is understood that polarized lenses are used and contact lenses lightweight precision made of synthetic resin, it according to the principle of light polarization manufacturing, to achieve effectively ruled out and filter out the beam scattering light, make the light to track the transmission axis of visual images into the eye, vision clear complexion. Therefore, polarized sunglasses can effectively reduce the intensity of reflected light, to alleviate the effect of visual fatigue.

The light emitted by the mobile phone screen, the same is also along a special direction. Will of polarized sunglasses lenses in front of the phone screen is relatively bright, sunglasses will with the perspective transformation, the changes of light and shade, namely with the perspective transformation, sometimes the phone light through, sometimes is filtered, flickering phenomenon, and ordinary sunglasses will not. Eva eyeglass case can also be used for pack polarized sunglass

Polarized sunglass

So see polarized sunglasses is really, as long as the level of glasses in front of the phone screen when lens does not change, then the glasses clockwise rotated to an angle of 45 degrees to see lenses become darker in color, and then turn back to normal, which is polarized lenses. If no change in either way, then the pair of glasses is not a polarizing plate. It is worth noting that there are special features of the polarizing prism, when testing polarized, it will not be obvious, such as night driving mirror. Jujin Packing supply OEM service for custom glasses case.

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