I believe before myopia operation, a lot of friends will be asked by hospital staff  whether wear contact lenses?How long? Then they will suggest friends who wearing contact lens to stop wearing and put it in glasses case a certain time before go to a doctor. Why need to stop wearing contact lenses before myopia operation? How long to stop wearing?

Department of Ophthalmology experts said, stop wearing contact lenses and put it glasses case before myopia operation is one of the scientific procedures which must comply. The degree of corneal contact lens (contact lens) for corneal morphology and refractive power varies from person to person.

Inspection prior to stop wearing contact lenses have two aspects: first, the cornea to fully restore the original shape 1, so that the cornea to fully restore the original shape, so as to avoid the preoperative dioptre impact, thus affecting the accuracy of surgical correction of. 2, different types of corneal contact lens (different material, different curvature, the degree of corneal shape and the degree of corneal contact lens), corneal contact lens (thickness, elasticity, etc.), the degree of impact of different. 3, generally easy to deformed cornea is easy to resume before wearing the shape of. But this kind of cornea should be most attention, the majority is the cornea or the cornea is thin or has the characteristic of the conical cornea. Two, the corneal epithelial cells recovered to normal 1, the wear contact lenses is to restore the corneal epithelial cells, especially the damaged corneal epithelium to recover. 2, such as contact lenses in glasses case led to the keratitis, then need to system treatment, after the complete control of keratitis, the examination and confirmation of the surgery. Conclusion: the corneal refractive surgery for femtosecond laser examination, assessment should be deactivated contact lenses. Current clinical practice experience that soft contact lens to lens species (date to throw, Zhou Pao, on the throw, throws Ji, left) and wear habits (I wear, often wear) and time, at least stop wearing 3 days to 2 weeks average a week above. And hard contact (ortho-k or RGP) glasses at least stop wearing more than 3 months, to corneal returned to the original form, normal test results before surgery.

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