British “Daily Mail” April 24, reports, scientists worry that teenagers in indoor time too long will damage eyesight, increase the risk of myopia. buy best glasses case from jujin website.

The myopia of children increased not only with long time staring at the computer screen, more contact with the natural light is too little about. Study in Australia and American Ohio State University have reached similar conclusions. So push your children to play outdoor, they will have less chance to wear glasses and glasses case.

Analysis of the British ophthalmologist David Arambi Dr. pointed out that watching TV, computer and mobile phones and other devices for a long time, is the cause of myopia of the culprit. Several studies have found that, today’s children in the interior for longer, contact less natural light, resulting in the risk of myopia than long time reading about the dangers of greater.

Alam than the doctor said in Gabon completed a number of studies found that local people in outdoor activities, sun exposure is a major factor in the low rate of myopia. Therefore, the prevention of myopia in children, go to the outdoor is an important measure and keep away from glasses case.

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