In order to prevent the glare of the sun in summer, the sun sunglasses you go out weapons necessary, but for those who want to eye myopia, visual clarity and shading two concurrently, really trouble. Then, as with a myopia, go out in the outside, how can use sunglasses in sunglass case to protect their eyes?

At present, patients with myopia “for eye shade” program has a lot of, for example, now a lot of young people for their fitting contact lenses, solves the problem of refractive error correction. So again, wearing a pair of ordinary flat out sunglasses, you can easily achieve the shade for the eyes. But this method is good, but not suitable for those who have myopia and not used or not wearing contact lenses for consumers. So, it was thought from two aspects of frames and lenses, to find effective breakthrough —

A clip or set of lens design in frame based on extension. Previously, we often see in the street, many people still wear a pair of glasses (jujin supply many style glasses case) can be turned up under the sunglasses clip. Go to the sun, as long as the sunglasses clip turned down over the myopia lens, you can play the role of the eye shade. But this clip to clip can be used in the glasses, not only easy to damage the myopia lens, and, because of its size is limited, and often can not match glasses, is not very beautiful. In order to allow consumers to meet the beauty needs of manufacturers, especially in production of myopia frames, sunglasses specifically to match a pair and frame size, and the com. in design, looks more beautiful.

Walking in the sun, the sun lens is fixed on the glasses frame, others look like wearing a pair of sunglasses which paced in a durable sunglass case; into the room, as long as the sun glasses off, is a pair of glasses. This is called “a mirror”, the sun fixed lens style also has three kinds, one is with a magnet direct absorption in the frame on both sides, the other one is directly to the magnetic connection point in the frame of the design of the bridge of the nose, one is stuck in the mirror frame. In addition to ordinary film and lens sunglasses, and a polarizing lens, audible by consumers.

Selection of myopia glasses should pay attention to what?

Department of Ophthalmology experts pointed out that, in order to make clear imaging, glasses lens will have a certain degree of refraction. But in general, sunglasses are flat, will not cause harm to the eyes. Sunglasses is the combination of the two, will have the lenses were made through a special process. Therefore, selection of sunglasses is the first consideration is the best lenses, resin lenses. The second is the color filter, too small shallow, affect vision too deep. Suggested the use of gray, brown lenses, try to see if there is no sense of vertigo, high degree of dialysis.

If you belong to low myopia, wearing sunglasses generally does not affect vision, you can choose yellow lenses, yellow lenses can improve the sensitivity of visual cell. If you don’t know what color is suitable, you can try to wear sunglasses in the mirror, if you can see your pupil color lenses, relative standard.

Not suitable for tainted glasses worn indoors, a long time will increase visual acuity and eye health damage, must then prepare a pair of ordinary glasses.

In addition, sunglasses to professional hospital or institution of optometry, not just to buy a.

Often people driving higher quality requirements for the lenses, wear up feeling to light, clear, if headache, dizziness, blurred vision, dry eyes or not as long and other symptoms, should immediately stop wearing. Can also use sunglasses clip, clip it in simple myopia outside, the cost is not high.

But if more than 600 degrees of myopia, visual acuity was not ideal, such as with a pair of eyes like the tainted glasses, a layer of dark fog yarn, see things more difficult. Similarly, the myopic astigmatism and corrected visual acuity of less than 1, also should not wear.

The following four kinds of substandard sunglasses do not wear:

Anti UV Sunglasses function be more in name than in reality. Good sunglasses, polarized lenses, can withstand more than 99% of the ultraviolet. Poor wear UV protection sunglasses, eyes like to see things in the dark, the pupil will change at this time, but will a lot of residual ultraviolet light into the eye, the eye injury.

Perspective not qualified rate of sunglasses. After putting on, will produce a traffic signal recognition obstacle, extremely easy to cause the traffic accident.

Class label untagging sunglasses. Sunglasses are generally divided into 3 categories, namely for the sun shade mirror, mirror light for decoration and for special glasses to prevent snow or waterproof radiation plane.

Combat performance does not meet the requirements of sunglasses and sunglass case. Under the impact of lens fragments will be easily broken, the eyes of the people formed a fatal injury.

Experts remind consumers to buy Sunglasses, should try to choose high-quality polarizing glasses.

Sunglasses is a simple method: can be placed in front of sunglasses, through the lens observe distant targets, and then glasses up and down before and after the move, the goal should not sway and wave shaped deformation. Can also observe Sunglasses lamp image lens surface under fluorescent light, rotating sunglasses so that the lamp appear in different parts of the lens, the lamp image deformation is the best. Polarized sunglasses on the market, some products using resin polarized lenses is very thin, in the assembly is very easy to deform, the purchase should pay special attention to.

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