When summer is coming, we will see the fashional men and women wearing sunglasses. Fashion decoration is on the one hand, the protection of the eye is more important. UV is strong in outdoor, to protect the eye is not damaged by UV damage, sunglasses are necessary(jujin good quality sunglass case).  There are many types, styles, colors of sunglasses in the market, it makes us dizzy to choose a suitable sunglasses . As consumers, do you know how to choose sunglasses and what is common errors to select sunglass?

Error 1: All sunglasses are 100% anti UV

Let us learn about UV at first. Weavelength of ultraviolet light is below 400uv. It will damage cornea and retina if eyes shined by ultraviolet light directly to resulting in the corneal injury and corneal endothelial injury. High quality sunglasses should be able to absorb or reflect ultraviolet light to block the irradiation of the eyes.(find sunglass case from jujin website)

Generally, Anti UV sunglasses have some method to mark their function.

1, marked “UV400″: wavelength insulated by lens is 400nm, that is, the wavelength at or below 400nm, spectrum transmittance rate can not be greater than 2%.

2, marked  “UV”, “Anti UV”: that wavelength insulated by lens is 380nm.

3,marked “100%anti UV”, that means lens can 100% absorb ultraviolet light. the average ultraviolet light transmittancy less than 0.5%.

anti uv sunglass case

Error 2: Polarized sunglasses is better than normal sunglasses

The so-called polarized sunglasses can also weaken and shelter from the clutter reflected light, glare, object irregular reflection except from sunglass function, then make these lights enter eyes through transmittance central aixs. That result in visual field more wider and natural.(eva sunglasses case supplier)

Polarized sunglasses is generally applicable to driving, fishing, sailing, boating, skiing and other outdoor activities.

Because of the color of the polarized lens is generally darker than normal sunglasses, it is not necessary to wear indoor or cloudy weather, and should choose some ordinary sunglasses can be good to protect the eyes from UV damage.

Error 3: Only need to wear sunglass when summer

In our daily life, it seems people only pick up sunglasses after eyes damaged by strong sunlight in summer.

Actually, sunglasses not only needed to wear in the summer, wearing sunglasses mainly to block ultraviolet light and shade, and UV exists in four seasons in a year. That is Sunglasses  can be worn throughout the year.

Error 4: A pair of sunglasses can be used more than 5 years

Although the lens material of high-quality sunglasses are special materials, but also going to be aging as time passing.

Incorrect wearing habits, it may damage the sunglasses, and even cause deformation, loose, reduce the use of the term. So, it is recommended that 1-2 replace the new sunglasses.

Error 5: Old men and children better not wear sunglasses

Our default is that the elderly and the child is not suitable for wearing sunglasses, sunglasses are young people’s patent. In fact, for the elderly, wearing sunglasses is a positive way to protect the eye.(nomerous sunglass case)

Suffering from keratitis, retinal detachment, cataract and other eye diseases in the elderly, wearing sunglasses is more conducive to disease, delay and rehabilitation. However, patients should not be worn, color blindness night blindness. Children under six years of age should not wear sunglasses, their visual function is not yet mature, but also need more sun light stimulation, then wearing sunglasses will affect the visual development or formation of amblyopia.

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