Diamond cutting edge glasses and glasses case as a new category, because the changeable style, fashion appearance in recent years the market touches the consumer desire to buy, diamond cutting edge glasses company also springing up quickly to seize the market and compete for the diamond cutting edge of this big cake. But consumers in the face billion all sorts of diamond cutting edge glasses products, will feel “squandering is to charming eyes”, in the choice of no start.

More and more people in the market favored customized products. What are the values and where the value is?

Custom means is tailored to individual customers, suppliers according to the wishes and requirements of the customer, the design production, meet the customers have a unique product of psychology. Customized products glasses case in foreign countries is already fast, has formed a a huge industry, such as haute couture, custom jewelry and so on. Due to its unique nature, handmade features, customized products, value-added and cultural attributes, value promotion, the price is also more than the general assembly line products to turn a few times. People-oriented, customer first is the core of customized products, according to the individual’s personalized needs limited production, the product will appear more precious.

Material customised

1. Frame

First of all to consider the material framework, the current framework of the diamond cut edge glasses and glasses casecan be described as a variety, pure titanium, Bao Jin, everywhere. The framework of the material directly determines the relevant physical properties of frames and the price level. Second, the frame plating, such as electroplating material, electroplating method, etc., all directly affect the frame of life and the impact on the skin. The best advice according to their own temperament Lanqi style, listen to professional optometrist advice, to choose their own framework.


Diamond cutting edge glasses, as the name suggests, diamonds are its important part of. There are three main factors that affect the quality of diamonds: raw materials, purity and section. Diamond is not good, directly affect the brightness. Careful wearing will find that the diamond cutting edge of different price diamonds , ;atesnot the same as the brightness of diamond. In this regard, the diamond cutting edge of Lanqi glassesusing SWAROVSKI zircon, has the gloss of the one and only.

3. Lenses

Different refractive index lenses, the price varies, the toughness is also different. Such as 1.56 refractive index made no frame glasses on the fragile, while the 1.61 refractive index toughness is good, it is not easy to break. Lenses of different colors, different effects on color and light transmittance. At the same time, with the color of the lenses also need with the wearer’s skin, both in the match to be harmonious, not unexpected. We Lanqi professional image designers to give advice is lens refractive index should choose good toughness 1.60 or above refraction rate; for those who need a good central vision, should choose a spherical lens and sunglass case, for those who need a broader vision, should choose aspherical lens.

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