The weather gradually hot, outdoor uv strong, protect your eyes from harmful ultraviolet (uv) is the most direct and most effective way is to wear sunglasses.Now on the market the types of sun glasses, style, color is more, often let a person see more eyes Dazzling, many friends (especially women) are often attracted to all kinds of sunglasses fancy appearance color.Actually uv protection ability and the quality is the most important part of sunglasses, a good pair of sunglasses should be either completely block ultraviolet light, and can maintain a relatively high visible light transmittance, and must be comfortable to wear.Then I will from all components of the sunglasses to compare the difference between the high quality sunglasses case and inferior sunglasses.

Lens: believe everyone has seen a bridge street selling “sunglasses”, sunglass case. those glassesĀ  not only offered no protection to the eyes, will cause more damage to the eyes, this is because the people of the pupil is shrink according to the intensity of light amplification, under the strong light pupil automatically narrowed, thus reduce the ultraviolet (uv) light receiving surface, the inferior sunglasses lenses and sunglass case are usually plain colored lenses, not only does not have uv protection function, will also provide a dark environment, make the pupil is not reduced or enlarged.On the lens so we should choose to have uv protection function of the first, as for the lens color, you need to choose according to light intensity.In addition, many sunglasses and polarization functions, polarizer is driving, fishing activities such as the necessities, I own a pair of sunglasses is polarized light, the surface of carbide layer and the ordinary PC lens is more wear-resisting, easily scratched.

Frames: inferior sunglasses frames are usually cheap plastic or metal chosen as the material, the frames are usually quite clear, the toughness, thermal stability, etc, are far less than the TR90 used high quality sunglasses, nickel alloy, nickel silver alloy etc.
Nose and mirror feet: high quality sunglasses often according to the needs of different styles and different wearer design different nose and mirror feet, in the sports glasses bazoo holds and increase the soft rubber non-slip, foot parts in order to adapt to different design adjustable regulatory nose, the nose and inferior sunglasses are often without these humanized design.
Details: don’t know if you have to carefully compared the price difference is bigger of the two pair of sunglasses on detail differences, these details for me it is the key that besides glasses base material inspection.Lens edge grinding process, the lens and frame, the gloss of paint and the integrity of the fine to the hinge spray paint, these details are to decide whether a pair of sunglasses high quality focus.

Overall, a good pair of sunglasses and sunglass case must meet the following basic conditions: the lens using PC lenses, uv protection, prevent shock, lens curvature uniform;Frames to choose high quality materials (TR90, etc.);Design a face and comfortable, fine workmanship, can be a very good deal with the details.On the basis of these, you can according to your need to choose the right sunglasses.

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