In the eyes of many older people, wearing sunglasses in the summer is a matter of catching up with fashion. fashion sunglass case is also important. But in fact, the summer sun for the elderly is equally important, can effectively prevent the occurrence of certain eye diseases.

Excessive ultraviolet radiation in the summer, can cause corneal edema, tears, pain and other symptoms, thus affecting the vision. According to foreign authoritative department of Ophthalmology magazine reported that a long time in the sun exposure will lead to the “senile macular disease”, which is caused by the main factor in the decline of visual acuity in the elderly. But for patients suffering from cataract, keratitis, conjunctivitis, and retinal detachment of eye diseases, wore a pair of sunglasses can promote disease recovery, bring enough coolness and protection in the summer heat.

The elderly in choosing sunglasses, it is best to choose a UV blocking lenses, must scrutinize labels, and not the higher price can provide stronger protection. In different situations, the elderly can choose different sunglasses. For example, when fishing should choose a polarizing lens, you can eliminate the light from all directions, so that the vision is more clear. The old man to the hills, you can choose the gray, Brown Sunglasses and brown glasses case, anti ultraviolet function best.

Wearing sunglasses also have some notes. Across the street or to the shade, to timely take sunglasses, because from light to darker, or to the people and vehicles concentration, the eyes have a process of adaptation, easily lead to vertigo is not clear, at this time should be timely to take sunglasses, relatively safe. Wearing sunglasses time shoulds not be too long, each put one or two hours off to rest and gently massage around the eyes, otherwise easily lead to headaches, irritability, blurred vision and other symptoms, and even lead to decreased visual acuity. The aging of the old man crystal aging, can not be a long time to wear sunglasses, otherwise it will cause the iris root accumulation, resulting in the outflow of aqueous humor, increased intraocular pressure. In addition, glaucoma, retinitis, color blindness, night blindness of the elderly is not suitable for wearing sunglasses /w sunglass case.

In addition to sunglasses to protect his eyes, still need to pay attention to is, UV at 10 o’clock in the morning to afternoon 2 point reached maximum intensity. At that time, to minimize out, or less to the light reflection of the local, such as the edge of the water, sand, these places will increase the chance of light projected onto the eye.

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