Find stylish sunglass case in MYKITA Has been committed to the use of materials, technology to express the design of the German handmade glasses brand MYKITA will be humorous and excellent quality of humor in the end. This summer, MYKITA and avant-garde fashion designer Bernhard willhelm continue to cooperate launched tribute to 1970s psychedelic modern style VERUSCHKA sun glasses, modern and avant-garde fusion to ignore self expression.


The glasses name in the last century 70’s legendary German supermodel, artist Veruschka. Born in a noble family Veruschka. Not all sunglass case can be used as eyeglass case.Life is through the era of war and revival, family prosperity and lonely, footprint across Europe and the Americas, and was ranked first in the world supermodel, has long been at the helm of the fashion magazine, eventually becoming full of critical attitude towards the art of fashion. MYKITA this section of the same name glasses take the command of the last century the 1970s aesthetic fashion trend, and is always have and alienation fashion ambiguous attitude, this is fashionable MYKITA but independent brand DNA extreme coincide.

VERUSCHKA sunglasses of the substantially circular design and bold lens color makes the glasses with slightly exaggerated in the 1970s psychedelic style, avant-garde high-profile. Yes, you can buy best glasses case from details are moving, one of the symmetrical shape of the 12 sides to create a round shape, material and process challenges the ultimate geometric beauty absolutely can afford to Veruschka.


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