For glasses shop, store layout is not only the door decoration, more important is the product display which is the best performance of the details of the operation. Compared with a lot of optical shops,apart from the decoration and store design, (buy glasses case from jujin)you will find ordinary middle and small glasses shop and some of the famous brand chain stores have a big difference in the product display.

The product display is the silent salesman of the optical shop, showing the level and the operation degree of the whole store. According to the relevant data shows that, in glasses store consumption potential consumers know very much care about shopping atmosphere, sometimes even more than the products and services, and showed the following characteristics: ten percent of the cost is to purchase your optometric services, (buy glasses case from jujin)30 to 40 percent of the cost is to buy your products, the percent of more than 50 fee is purchase in store visual and mental enjoyment. Therefore, the product display skills of the optical shop decoration is very important.

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In fact, good product displays have good promotion to sales.. For example, large supermarkets often change the internal display pattern, create a good sales atmosphere. Unfortunately, many of the optical shops simply emphasize the role of the sales staff, ignoring the strong auxiliary role of the store product display.

There is no uniform standard for the display of the glasses shop.. However, inĀ  the overall should separate the target market , as far as possible to meet the psychological needs of the customer, should not be based on the boss’s personal preferences. There are usually three ways to create a spectacle shop, that is, the filling type, the display and the emphasis on display. The filled type display belongs to the ordinary open shelf; display display key commodities; emphasize display prominent characteristics of the goods or season. And in the detailed display, often need to consider. Below are some common tips for a spectacle of product display.

1, Quantitative skills:

When considering the number of display, to the lowest on display volume of each item as the premise, the general can be full. As far as possible not only can absorb the customer and not too crowded.

2, Color skills:

The staff of a certain optical shop have done experiments. (buy glasses case from jujin)She put the special glasses frame of five colors, red, yellow, blue, green and brown, and placed it in a counter, and checked once a week. After a few weeks, she got a conclusion that the red spectacle frame was most easily sold. And of course, after the red frame sold out, the other four color frames sales straight down. Then she did another experiment. The frame on the two different counter, one red frame, another pile without red frame. Through the comparison, found that the red frame counter sold more, than no red rimmed the counter in a 6 times higher.

3, “conspicuous” skills:

In the implementation of the “conspicuous display”, according to the physical and psychological aspects, effective measures of performance are as follows: (1) physical conspicuous display. This is a according to the size and nature of the goods and settle them in a conspicuous display height method. The psychological display of the display: by the changeable performance way, makes the goods look more beautiful and better, and increase the value of the goods

4, Direction skills:

Direction is a focus of the glasses product display. Because the display of the direction of the goods is like the face of the old man, is the first impression to others. About a direction choice, want to consider the following points: meet the customer off a commodity purchasing focus, commodity mostly a paste of title of goods with the trademark logo, the other side is marked note and component measurement. Especially senior frames, shows it is very obvious signs of.

5. Morphology skills:

The different styles of the glasses display different styles, there are four kinds of common:

Contrast: the color of a bright color of goods next to a darker commodity, make it constitute obvious contrast.

Symmetric: symmetric display no energy, but a sense of peace.

Beat: with big, small, big way, will commodity do distance to arrange, will produce a kind of have the motion of the rhythm.

The harmonic: the size of the match, sometimes there will be a harmonious thought, it is the quantity of the goods is less used.

6, suggestive skills:

Customers to buy glasses in a shop and consultation, to weigh each will naturally or half unconsciously they encountered hint. (buy glasses case from jujin)Some of them are regarded as positive, some of which are negative, and others are implied by the neutral.. For example, in auto show hall salesman at noon to eat fast food, if send a strong breath, it will produce negative influence; and that new car smell is regarded as suggestive of a positive experience. Positive experience implies that customers have a special appreciation for your product or service..

7, coordination skills

Optical shop in the display to pay attention to distinguish the product category, style, color, and based on the positioning of an optical shop stop of the overall mix.

8, Assistant Skills

When the glasses store in the display products, can use some of the props or auxiliary appliances, improve the value of the goods. For example, lighting applications, cloth of gold, crystal ornaments, artificial flowers, etc., to increase the visual effect of the product, enhance product levels.


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