With the hot weather hits, these days on the road collision accidents is rising. Professionals to remind, hot and rainy in summer and long time open air conditioning, wearing dark sunglasses, etc, have become the multiple accident potential factors. In this connection, the person specially in summer traffic safety, gives a safety tips.

Yesterday morning, the accident happened in the west road tunnel, the understanding, the cause of the accident is to blame sunglasses. Originally, after the car driver wearing sunglasses in sunglass case too deep color, when entering the tunnel, eyes suddenly a dark, lead to recovery of the vehicle in front. Fortunately, the driver to step on the brake, it did not lead to more accidents. Professionals to remind, driving in summer, eighty percent of drivers like to wear sunglasses with sunglass case, but do not wear the color deep dark glasses, conditional, the best wearing polarized sunglasses, polarized sunglasses is for reflection glare, filtered out, so that you can to prevent dizziness, and in the summer travel will make the vision is more clear and reduce the visual fatigue.

At the same time, the summer driving safety, the source of earthly recruit said, never Tanliang open air for a long time, remember the fuel tank must not refueling. If the gas with the bumps in the road will make gasoline overflow in electrostatic fire will lead to accidents. Do not keep lighters, air pure and fresh agent, hair gel, cell phones and cell phone batteries, and other electronic products, canned carbonated beverage put in the car. Encountered heavy rain weather, the attention should not be blindly wading, if the water depth more than the exhaust pipe, easy to cause the flameout; water depth exceeds the bumper, easily from the air inlet of the air filter at the inlet, resulting in engine inlet flameout.

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