In life, there are some people think that “presbyopia and farsightedness is one thing.”This is because both near vision is not clear, the sunglass case symptoms of convex lens slices are used to correct.Thus people confuse the two.Love, chongqing nanping hospital of ophthalmology optometry center director Yang, director of the peace, said in fact the two are fundamentally different two concepts, there is essential difference.
Old presbyopia is because of the lens (lens) as they age hardening or part of the hardening, light feeling insufficient regulation, to the recent focus of light cannot be accurately gathered in the retina, and fall behind the retina, make myopia or read is not clear.Hyperopic eye sunglass case is shorter due to axial, without adjusting state, parallel light through after inflectional their focus on the retina of the eye.And in the retina could not form a clear image.Therefore, far-sighted often need to use regulation to strengthen the refractive power of the eye, make the light into the eye can be set in the retina and become a clear image.Presbyopia, is with the person’s age and aging physiological phenomenon, is a kind of physiological changes, is one of the airframe ageing phenomenon, it does not belong to the category of refractive errors within;Presbyopia sunglasses case is a kind of eye disease, is one of the types of refractive errors.Caused aging is the body’s aging, is each organ as the growth of the age gradually decline, so old depending on the degree of left and right eyes are equal;And because farsightedness is pathological changes, so there will be a monocular eyes, eyes, or degree of farsightedness.
Love, chongqing nanping hospital of ophthalmology optometry center director Yang says, director of the peace, the age of presbyopia, generally more than 40 years old, far-sighted boundaries, no age six or seven years old children will even have farsightedness.Corrective lenses sunglass case used in the condition only designed for closer, if more than a certain distance, I don’t see them clearly;Farsightedness glasses are not just to look at, but also to see distant objects.Visible, presbyopia and far-sighted are totally different things.

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